Neil Uniacke, April 5, 2009

As we conclude the REFRESH series with a focus on the last part of our vision, Living The Adventure, we pick up on the previous teaching priorities of Love and Faith. God’s Adventures spring forth from a deep agape compassion in our hearts for Jesus and for others.


This love is focused by the Holy Spirit to compell us toward a certain person or group of people. We are challenged by God to move beyond regular everyday living, to step out of our comfort zones by faith, toward a journey of adventure. Jesus, did this, when hot and tired in Samaria, by breaking through all the manmade barriers to speak and interact with the woman at the well. He saw powerful, lasting fruit as she recognized Him as the Messiah, and ran to tell her whole village, who all came to Him and believed also. Jesus’ words to his incredulous disciples, are the same words to us – stop thinking in the natural and allow the Holy Spirit to give us eyes to see: First, to see Him working and loving and saving people all around us, then to see the people He is leading us to and teaching us to love as He loves them, and last to join with Him as the Sower while we reap for Him and with Him, sharing the amazing reward and Refreshment of being completely blessed in doing His will. 

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