Neil Uniacke, May 24, 2009

To conclude our One Another series, we are focusing on Having Unity With One Another. The heart of our Father in heaven and our Lord, Jesus, is for every true believer to be walking in unity with other Christians. Sadly, we are all fallible people, who make choices not to be in unity… 


and harmony with one another. We all need to see the problems which crop up to hinder real unity in our hearts, through our words, and by our actions in regard to relationships with other members of the one worldwide Body of Christ. Among these are plain old cliquishness: keeping to our own (us 4 and no more), based on insecurity and a desire to maintain the status quo. We also just think more highly of ourselves out of insecurity, or out of straightforward pride, putting others down and pushing them away. Spiritually, we can be immature and gain identity from following other people or having pet doctrines, even exalting these things above God in importance (especially in terms of separating ourselves and like-minded folks from those "others"). Jesus has a reality that is so much greater than this! He has already made us secure by giving us all things, and in the light of this truth, even great teachers and leaders are seen as only a part of His whole. Doctrine is seen as a means to the end of knowing Jesus better. We can actively partipate in the unity God desires by knowing who we and all believers are in Christ, by living daily being like Jesus to others, and realizing that we can’t manufacture God’s love, but must actively receive it as we need it.

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