In this teaching Bruce concludes the “Prepare” series. He clarifies the difference between “evangelism”–being an evangelist–and “witnessing”–being His witness. Bruce defines both terms biblically and concludes that evangelism is a more specialized ministry, requiring preparation in the scriptures and a special anointing from God. And while not all are called to be “evangelists” (Eph. 4:11; 1Co. 12: 23), all followers of Jesus are called to be His witnesses–to simply and naturally tell others what He has done in our lives–what we have seen and heard and experienced Him do for us and for others. Bruce concludes by calling us all to this form of sharing Jesus–not as a judge, a defense attorney, or a prosecuting attorney, but as a “witness”– an honest reporter who simply tells others what he has experienced in his/her own life!

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