Christians not only are given peace when they begin to know Jesus but they are also given a very special & important job of bringing peace to others
we know and meet.


Stories of Being a Peacemaker:

• A dear friend of mine made an irreversible decision that affected, really hurt and offended another dear friend of mine. I had a separate conversation with each of them: I heard their concerns, prayed with them, and affirmed the character and good intentions of both. Then I went to the Lord and asked Him to fix it. Later that day, I was gripped with a grieving so great I couldn’t function; I felt physically ill. I offered the pain to the Lord for about 30 minutes until it subsided. Not long after, I got a call from the offended friend who told me that while they were concentrating on some other things, feelings had changed about the decision and this friend had peace about it even tho’ my friend didn’t know why. My 2 friends reconciled. I believe the Lord allowed me to bear the hurt feelings of the offended party to Him and siphon them off so that my friends could reconcile. (anonymous)


• My Father was greatly abused by his mother. My Father has a sister, my aunt, who is also estranged from because she was the favorite child. My grandmother (My Dad’s Mother) was in a nursing home towards the end of her life. God told me to begin writing to her. After much wrestling with Him, I obeyed, kept it short and very general. I didn’t know her. And because she abused my father, I also was abused by my Father. So I was angry at her. God began showing me my Grandmother’s brokenness. I wrote to my Grandmother for over a year before she passed away. My aunt– who I didn’t know–found my letters in her mother’s room. She contacted me about the funeral. I went to the funeral, but it was a very long drive and a very, very hard day because my aunt believed I wrote to my Grandmother because I wanted part of the inheritance. Present: My aunt and I are still in touch. We write letters almost monthly. There is a bridge in our family not that wasn’t there before. The act of driving for hours, getting lost, being late to the funeral only to sit next to people I had never met and I knew probably didn’t like me, was excruciating.  But, it was so worth it. So worth it!!!  (anonymous)

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