Compassion Brings Transformation in Us

Compassion is not a spiritual gift or a fruit of the Spirit. It is a command and a central part of God’s character, to which we are to be conformed. Engaging in compassion does break our hearts- of the self-centered things that we need to bring to the cross. Let the Lord show you how he is walking with you now in terms of compassion and your relationship with him.

Compassion in Action

It’s very good to have a heart of compassion – but being a follower of Christ entails more! It requires action! Join the adventure as the Barn creates new avenues for compassion ministry!

Seeing, Feeling, Doing

In this teaching Bruce discusses the element of “compassion ministry” in the Vineyard Movement DNA. He explains the biblical root meanings of “compassion” and shows God’s heart of compassion in OT and NT scriptures. He challenges The Barn to allow God to place His heart of compassion into us so we more effectively give away the love of Jesus in practical ways.

Jesus Compels Us Upward and Outward!

As we enter into a deeper relationship with Jesus in the Holy Spirit, we are compelled to take His glorious lovingkindness and compassionate Presence out to those around us.
This process is unique for each of us, and necessary as we walk on with our Lord, seeing Him grow larger within and around us, teaching
us to welcome more and more people to join with us in Him, as the Spirit’s fresh water brings life into those caught in the deadly fog that stalks our world.

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