Empowered Ministries

"All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit."

At the Barn we believe that every person is gifted and therefore has a place (or places) of service and ministry. We want to help you find your place! The first step is looking through the many opportunities, and emailing us! Scroll down to the bottom and check as many ministries as you’d like to be connect with! Also, if you aren’t sure what your gifts are, you can check “I’m not sure” and we will can connect you with our Volunteer Coordinator to help you!

Healing Prayer Team

We believe God still heals. The Healing Team prays every Sunday and at other times for those who are sick in body or soul. We periodically hold training sessions, so contact us if you’d like to join the healing team!

Deliverance Team

Do you love praying for people to be set free? This is usually an appointment-based ministry, and we would love for you to sign up to be trained for this ministry!

Prayer Ministry Team

We have a great team of devoted prayer ministers who pray for people when they respond at one of our Sunday meetings when we offer prayer up front. If you love to pray for people, we offer training, and then help you find your place!

Small Group Leadership

This is a vital ministry in our church. Do you have a pastoral heart for others, and a desire to lead? Contact Lynn for opportunities, coaching, and information!

Welcome Ministry Team

The Welcome Ministry Team is the face of the Barn! We take great care to greet our visitors, lend a hand where help is needed, and especially make newcomers to the Barn feel welcome and loved!

Prophetic Team

The Prophetic Team prays for people after every service at the Barn. We offer training, so if you feel that this is one of your spiritual gifts, or want to explore this gift, please contact us to be part of our prophetic team!

Hospital Visitation Team

Do you have a heart for people in the hospital? We would love for you to join us and be part of this heart-warming ministry.

Vineyard Institute

VI is a school offered by Vineyard USA for those desired to grow in their biblical knowledge. This is a class that is especially geared towards leaders, but open to all. For more information you can visit www.vineyardinstitute.org or email the leader!

Intercession Team

We are a church committed to being a “house of prayer.” If you love to pray and want to help us become a praying church, join us Monday evenings at 7 PM  in our Prayer Room.

School of Kingdom Ministry

This nine-month school is an excellent way to receive intensive training in healing, prophecy, deliverance, power evangelism, and spiritual warfare. Click here for more information, or contact the leader using the form below.

Contact Us

Please select which ministries you would like to get involved in. We will have the leader email you shortly!

Empowered Ministries

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