Fatherheart "A" School

What is an “A” School?

‘A’ Schools- Experiencing The Fathers Love

A  Schools are a one week environment of the revelation of love.

A place to come home

A place to find that you belong, that you are accepted

A place to find that His strength is perfected in your weakness

A place of rest

 Listen as James Jordan explains what an “A” school is!

During the school you will be introduced to the full perspective of the revelation of Father’s love.

Through revelatory insight and sound biblical teaching told through the lives of those that minister you will be exposed to a transforming message of Love, Life and Hope.

You will be given the opportunity to remove the main blockages to receiving Father’s love and discover your heart as a true son and as a daughter.

Jesus had the heart of a son to his Father. He lived in the presence of the love of the Father.

Johns’ Gospel tells us that everything that He said and did was what He saw and heard His Father doing.

Jesus invites us to enter that world as brothers and sisters of Him, the first born.

As we open our hearts, Father pours His love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit. In a heart transformed by His love, true and lasting change can occur. After years of striving and performance many are finally finding a place of rest.

When James and Denise Jordan first pioneered these schools, they found this format to be the most suitable. The basis of receiving this revelation is through the heart, and time is needed for God to remove these blockages that are keeping us from continuously experiencing His fathering towards us.

The Two Goals of ‘A’ Schools are:
  1. To give an opportunity to you to have a personal major experience of the love that God the Father has for you.
  2. To give the strongest Biblical understanding possible of the place of the Father in the Christian life and walk.

During the schools many lifetime friendships are formed.

All schools will be led by recognized Fatherheart Ministries Team Leaders.

All sessions which run from morning to evening and must be attended.


Meeting Location

The Fatherheart A School will be held at:  
The Barn Vineyard Church
3224 Appleton Road
Landenberg, PA 19350


Fatherheart A School Schedule

Sunday September 17

5:00 – 6:00 PM  Registration

6:00 – 7:00 PM  Dinner (provided)

7:00 – 8:30 PM  Evening session


Monday – Friday September 18-22

(Wednesday we will end by 4 PM)

 9:00  –   9:45 AM    Fellowship

 9:45  – 12:30 AM    Morning session*

12:30  –   2:00  PM    Lunch (provided)

 2:00  –   5:00  PM   Afternoon session*

 5:30  –   7:00  PM   Dinner (provided)

 7:00  –   8:30  PM   Evening session


Saturday September 23

 9:00 –   9:45 AM   Fellowship

 9:45 – 12:30 AM   Morning session*

12:30 –   2:00 PM    Lunch (provided)

* breaks during morning and afternoon sessions


Cost and Registration for the Fatherheart A School

$400  per person   Includes cost for registration and all breaks, lunches, and dinners during the seven days of the school


Payment options

On line – payment by credit card:


Mail – payment by check
Make checks payable to: The Barn Vineyard Church
Send checks to: The Barn Vineyard Church
3224 Appleton Road, Landenberg, PA 19350

Note.  You will not be fully registered and able to attend the A School until you have completed the Registration form below and we have received your payment in full!


Land – easy access from Interstate 95 and US Route 1

Air – Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) 1 hour

        Baltimore Washington International (BWI) 1 1/2 hr     (tolls)                                 

          -Rental cars are available at both airports



Block of rooms being held at:   

Red Roof Inn and Suites
(Fatherheart A School)
1119 S. College Ave.

Newark, DE 19713
Rate good through 9/3/17
$55.00 King Bed

$59.00 2 Double Beds

Complimentary Breakfast Included

Candlewood Suites (very new)
1101 S College Ave
Newark, DE 19713
$99 for King or Two Queen Beds
Continental Breakfast Included

Note.  We will attempt to provide housing in local homes with members from several churches in Newark and Landenberg on a first-come, first-serve basis for those who are fully registered for the A School.  For more information please call Tam Mulrooney at 302-354-9742


Main Speakers – Trevor and Linda Galpin

Trevor is the director of Fatherheart World network, a Team Leader, and a worldwide ambassador for Fatherheart Ministries.  Trevor and his wife Linda have been part of the team since 2008, having moved to New Zealand from the UK in 2003.  They have been involved in Christian ministry all of their adult lives.  Trevor was ordained as a Baptist pastor in 1976 after having graduated with a degree in Theology and Church History from Spurgeon’s College, London.  He subsequently obtained a postgraduate teaching qualification from Greenwich University.  Linda has a science degree and trained as a nurse.  She has practiced as a nurse for forty years working in a variety of contexts including arthritis research and latter in palliative care with a hospice in New Zealand.

Trevor has been a pastor in the US, Italy, the UK and in New Zealand.  They have planted churches in the UK and led a number of teams overseas.  When they first moved to Taupo, Trevor had the opportunity to indulge another passion as the gardener at the Eden Center!  Trevor and Linda love travelling and entertaining, when they have somewhere to invite people!  Linda is a fan of Facebook as the best way to keep in touch, especially with the growing overseas family and Fatherheart friends.

Trevor and Linda’s passion is to teach this prophetic revelation of the Father’s love that brings us to live as sons and daughters.  They travel extensively as the International Directors of Fatherheart World, which is the relational network of friends and supporters of Fatherheart Ministries around the world.  They speak at churches, conferences, and lead A Schools in a number of countries in the US, Europe, and Africa.  Trevor is an author and he teaches in the Inheriting the Nations School in New Zealand.  He loves to write about their journey with the Father in his blog:  trevorlindafhm.com

Contact e-mails:  Trevor: trevorfhw@gmail.com    Linda:  lindagalpin@gmail.com



We are living in an age in history where God is revealing Himself as a Father in an unprecedented way.

We exist as a ministry: “to take the revelation of the Love of the Father to every stream of Christianity, to every denomination, to every country, every culture and finally face to face with every person”

Our Core Revelation is Sonship, living as His children with the hearts of daughters and sons.

We are finding that this prophetic revelation and sound biblical teaching of the Love of the Father working through hearts that are open is producing a transforming, life giving message of love, life and hope throughout the earth.

Through His life, death and resurrection, Jesus has opened the way to the Father. He has now made us acceptable and in our time of need it is safe to approach Father and live in His presence.

We are finding a father that loves us with a love that reaches beyond all human expression of what love is. This truly is a love that surpasses knowledge.

Many are now finding what it means to finally find peace and come home to a place of rest after years of striving, obligation, and performance.

We lead week-long A Schools, B Schools, 3 month schools as well as ministering in churches and conferences throughout the world.

FHM Schools are an environment of revelation of love. Here many throughout the world are experiencing the love that the Father has for each one through His Son, Jesus Christ.

Fatherheart Ministries was founded in Pasadena, California in 1997 by Jack and Dorothy Winter and James and Denise Jordan. Ministry teams are now based in Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe, New Zealand, Scandinavia and the United Kingdom. We are also ministering increasingly into the USA, Canada, and South America.

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