The Church: We Are Part of Something Bigger!

Being part of the church is being part of God’s established instrument on Earth to bring His Kingdom to the lives of His children. What a great and awesome opportunity we have!

Hearing the Holy Spirit (part two)

In this teaching, Bruce teaches on the when, why, and how the Spirit speaks to us. Plus three ways the Spirit typically communicates–through “impressions,” soft internal words, and loud internal words.

Huge Hero of the Bible – The Holy Spirit

In this teaching, Bruce focuses on a VIP in the Bible: the Holy Spirit. In part one of a two-parter, Bruce discusses the “place” in the Trinity of the Spirit and His role in creation and redemption of “operationalizing” the will of the Father and the words of the Son. He also teaches from Jesus’ words in John 14 concerning the Spirit nature as “another Helper,” One who guides, teaches, and discloses the things of Jesus to the church, and how we can practically get in step with His actions in our lives.

Judas: Keeping Jesus At Arms Length

The story of Judas is a tragic one. But along there way there were several chances at redemption. Learn how to apply these lessons, as God ministers to the depths of our hearts when we allow him closer than arms length.

Rahab: A Hero with a Past, Faith, and a People

A study of Josh 2, Hebrews 11.31, & james 2:25-26 to understand why the scripture writers consider Rahab a woman of remarkable faith.

Philip the Evangelist: Living the Adventure

In this teaching Bruce examined the ministry oh Philip mentioned in Acts 6, 8, and 21. The best example of the biblical ministry of the evangelist (Eph. 4:11), Philip inspires us to be part of Spirit-empowered evangelism at both the public and personal levels

The Wicked King

Jonathan teaches from the life of Ahab and shares how easy it is to walk down the path of wickedness. Be challenged as he shares three flaws that led to Ahab being called the most wicked King in Israel’s history.

Joseph the Dreamer

For Joseph, there was a long journey from “the dream” to the “the fulfillment.” Be encouraged by his story as you believe, and wait, and work for your dreams to be fulfilled!

Barnabas the Encourager

In this teaching Bruce kicks off a new series, Heroes and Villains: Lessons from the Bible. He begins by examining the New Testament prophet/apostle, Barnabas, who was Paul’s ministry partner for years. The traits of Barnabas with reference to his nature as an encourager are clearly seen as he encourages Paul’s acceptance in the Jerusalem church and as he promotes the re-instatement of John Mark as an acceptable ministry associate. The teaching ends with the scripture from Heb. 3: “Therefore encourage one another daily…” and a call for us to do exactly that!

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