CityLight Launch Campaign

We are passionate for those far from God, and for those who are in physical, spiritual, and emotional need. We are driven by God’s heart for his children who don’t know him yet. We are challenged by Jesus’s mission to seek and save those who are far from him. And we feel empowered by the Spirit to bring the message of the Gospel, and the power of the Spirit to radically transform lives, into our communities through crafting a church service tailored to reaching those far from God. Would you like to partner with us in this endeavor? We see ourselves as missionaries to our culture – would you like to be part of launching us?

We have done much research on how to best launch a church that will reach the unchurched. One major component is what is referred to as “launching large.” Basically people who are coming to church for the first time are more likely to feel “comfortable” and therefore receptive, if they are walking into something that looks well done, organized, and like you were ready for them to show up. To that end we have a big vision for how we want to start – and it’s all driven by the desire to reach people who wouldn’t normally come to church. Below is a basic outline of the budget. We are trying to raise $70,000. Would you consider partnering with us either through a one time gift, or a monthly donation for the next year, or both?

Marketing and Outreach 12,000
Audio 30,000
Video 6,000
Lighting 3,000
Laptops 2,000
Kids Sound/AV/Toys 13,000
Signage 2,000
Trailer 2,000
TOTAL 70,000

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