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What does it mean to be pure? To be in love? Is there such a thing as “kingdom minded” dating for High Schoolers? Why is there so much shame attached to sexuality? How can we approach it with His perspective? In this 3-week series, we will offer helpful steps to developing a healthy sexual culture within our Youth Group, church, and family, as well as equipping and raising up powerful young people who fight for purity.

Parents – if you have any questions, please email me
Almost all of our material will be based off of Moral Revolution resources. Moral Revolution is a ministry out of Bethel Church and has been working to develop a healthy sexual culture in the church and world. You can check out any resources yourself on their website, social media, or by listening in on their podcasts.
Social Media: @moralrevolution
Podcasts: Moral Revolution

About the Youth Group


Are you a teen? Then join us! Middle school and high school students 6th to 12th Grade are welcome to join us Sunday nights, 6pm to 8:30pm  at the Old Barn.

Our vision in youth group is to create a culture of young saints who passionately pursue their God-given destinies to transform the world around them. We empower students to cultivate the gifts God has given them to be effective leaders in the church and in society. Our goal is for the youth to know who God is and who He says they are, and equip them to walk in Jesus’ style of ministry (supernatural ministry through love)!

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