Phil Urena

Phil is a longtime Vineyard pastor who leads the Vineyard USA national task force, Spiritual Renewal Team. He will be with The Barn on June 24th for the purpose of demonstrating and training us in how to minister the gifts and power of the Spirit in the classic “Come Holy Spirit” style popularized by John Wimber and early Vineyard leaders. If you would like to be equipped in how to release the empowerment of the Spirit to others, please come to this one day of training Sat. June 24th, 10-Noon, and 2-4. This will be followed by a Holy Spirit Night @ The Barn featuring the Boardwalk Vineyard worship team and that church’s pastor as our guest speaker. No registration fees. But we will receive offerings for Phill at the training sessions and for the Boardwalk Vineyard on Saturday night.

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