Matthew Duzan Benefit Concert

Last February, Matthew was diagnosed with moderate-severe hearing loss. From birth, Matthew passed every screening. He never struggled with his hearing, learning, or appeared to be in a deficit. As if the diagnosis wasn’t enough, battling the insurance company to pay for his hearing aids was exhausting. I am not sure how you can deny hearing aids to anyone, let alone a child. Such a device is needed for shear quality of life. But shockingly, Matthew was the first child in Maryland to be denied full coverage. As if that wasn’t enough too, now Matthew needs to get a surgery done to have cochlear implants since his hearing keeps worsening.

Charis Latshaw¬†will be hosting a benefit night to raise money for Matthew’s surgery. There will be a concert, auctions and food. Not trying to brag, but these performers are the best¬†of the best, and the artists auctioning off their work are truly brilliant. Please consider coming out to support this hilarious, sweet and intelligent young boy and his family!

To attend, the suggested donation is $10 at the door. If you are unable to give that, you can give however much you feel comfortable with or just come out to support it!


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