Give to Receive!

In this final teaching of the series, Bruce concentrates on the words of Jesus, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” He ties this truth into the spiritual law of reciprocity, where we reap whatever we sow. So the relevance of this truth to soul care is: In order to receive care and nourishment and goodness for your soul, you must give care, nourishment, and goodness to the souls of those around you! Isaiah 58:6-12 captures this truth well also.

The Light Shines in the Darkness

Part of caring for our souls is understanding what God is doing when we endure hardships of many kinds. As we study chapter 4 of 2 Corinthians, we will see five points of encouragement for our souls.


Are you busy? Do you find yourself rushing from thing to thing? How do we need to live to be the people we want to be? The way we live our everyday lives shows what we value. We generally do what we want to do. Do we live like Jesus and God’s Kingdom are the most important priorities in our lives? If so, we should be living in sync with Jesus and His desires for us. This teaching challenges our choices with our time.

Friendship: Good for Your Soul

We can’t take the power of friendship for granted. Scripture is full of exhortations about how important it is. However, there are some obstacles that many of us face. And together, we can overcome them!

How Is Your Soul?

We pay a lot of attention to taking care of our bodies, but we often forget that taking care of our souls is at least as important, if not more so! In this teaching you’ll be encouraged to pay attention to what really matters in your “inner life.”

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