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It is too easy to fall into the consumer driven attitude about church and even Christianity. “What can you do for me?” instead of “What role do I have in investing into the lives of others?” God has gifted each person uniquely and we are called to pour our lives into others both naturally and supernaturally.

Living Naturally Supernatural Lives

Jesus treated the supernatural as part of the natural life. It just was him looking for what the Father was doing and then joining in with him. We are all able to be part of this adventure, but too often we are distracted and miss these opportunities to live naturally supernatural lives!

Finishing Well

In the last installment of our series on the Sermon on the Mount we see Jesus issue several warnings. In the discussion we apply those warnings to our daily life, and what we can do to finish well with our faith.

Do Unto Others

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you – so simple but so hard to put into action! Listen as we describe how the Saturday night meeting will be adjusting to try and reach more people in more ways!

Weight of the World

Worry can overpower us like a ton of bricks. Jesus offers practical steps to learn to trust him and receive his peace. Be encouraged to follow his path of peace!

The Relationship of Prayer

The Lord’s Prayer is a rich and profound experience meant to challenge us and deepen our walk with God on a daily basis.

Repaying Evil With Good

Jesus calls us to live on a higher “plane” – to live from a place of mercy, forgiveness, and love. Its a high call indeed, especially when it involves those who treat us poorly. Join the discussion on how we can apply the words of Jesus to our day-to-day relationships.

Owning Your Hypocrisy

In this teaching, Jonathan challenges us to look at our own hypocrisy and shares Jesus’s prescription for how to overcome it.

Standing Together: Jesus’ Encouragement on Marriage

Divorce is a painful, but widespread reality in our culture today. The words of Jesus, spoken so long ago, offer comfort, hope, and strength as we navigate this difficult topic together.

Overcoming Anger & Lust

Jesus speaks directly to two issues prominent in our culture today: anger and lust. We can choose to heed his warnings, and apply his wisdom, so that we can live a more blessed life in Him.

Kingdom Living Changes the World

As we discuss the Beatitudes, the first part of the Sermon on the Mount, we discover a rich portrayal of the “Christ-follower’s” life. As we become more and more like Jesus, our lives will look more and more like these qualities.

Awaken Your Soul: Do the Stuff!

All through scripture we see evidence that God has poured his spirit into us, so what we can pour it out into the lives of others. But all to often we miss the changes to exercise our gifts!

Awaken Your Soul: Rest!

Often we struggle to make rest a priority in our lives, but without it our souls will become fatigued and the impact will be negative upon the rest of our lives! Let’s talk about how we can practically find rest for our souls.

Detoxify Your Soul

Sin isn’t just bad, it’s bad FOR you! We’ll talk about three ways that sin harms your soul, and three ways you can detoxify!

*side note – we had to record this teaching using an iphone, which the teacher then decided to use as a paperweight,  🙂  so we apologize for the recording not being up to our usual quality!!*

The Addiction to More

As we run after more commitments, more stuff, more, more, more….are we losing our connection to the most important part of our selves?  How can we care for our souls in the rat race of life?

How is Your Soul?

Our lives are in constant motion with many demands. With all of that are we even paying attention to the health of our soul?

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