Life in God’s Kingdom: Romans 12-15 ‘Out of the World, Into the Kingdom’

In this kick-off to the series, Life in God’s Kingdom, Bruce sets the stage for a study of the “practical living” section of Paul’s letter to the Romans. He summarizes the panoramic sweep of Christian doctrine in Romans 1-11 and focuses on Paul’s transition into applying that doctrine to kingdom living. He discuss Paul’s three commands to the church in Ro. 12:1-2, then discusses verses 3-8–the three attitudes and seven giftings that form a firm foundation for living life in God’s kingdom.

What Drives You

In this message Jonathan shares about what Jesus says should drive us in life.

You Also Go Work in My Vineyard

There is a place for all of us to work in God’s vineyard. Today we share testimonies of all the ministries in our church in 2015!

Prayer-Walking: Purpose, Presence, Expectations‏

In this intro to prayer-walking Bruce looks at the biblical basis of prayer-walking and at how it is one way to release God’s presence into an area. Nancy Purcell and Ruth Owens then share encouraging insights into prayer and fasting, and Bruce ends by listing three expectations we can have when we prayer-walk this coming week and beyond.

When God Speaks

When God speaks into our lives, what part do we play in bringing those words to their fulfillment? Christian challenges us to not only hear his word, but hold onto it, and persevere until we see them fulfilled!

Taking Risks That Make A Difference

Andrew Greenplate, one of the Barn’s missionaries, shares how Godly risk advances the Kingdom!

One Key to Healing

Sickness originates from many sources. Biblically we see that sometimes it is caused by demons. How often are we sick, in pain, or facing crisis of other kinds, and we don’t know that we are under spiritual attack? Bruce encourages us to use our spiritual authority to rebuke the enemy as one key to finding healing.

Not Conforming To This World

In a discussion with two people from our church who immigrated to the U.S. from South Africa, we explore how easy it is as Americans to become blinded to the needs of others.

The Story of Ruth Part 2: Doing the Right Thing, Even When It’s Difficult

Sometimes it is easier do the easy thing instead of the right thing. The story of Ruth challenges us to dig deeper in our character and be more like Jesus, even when it is difficult.

Responding to the Great Need of the World

James 3:13 gives us an challenging view of how we as Christians are called to respond to the need of this world. Through loving others, putting them first, living humbly, and responding in action, we can make a difference!

The Church: God’s New House of Prayer

In this teaching Bruce presents both OT and then the NT fulfillment of Isaiah 56:7, showing how God’s original intention for His “house” was always to be above all a house of prayer. (Not the IHOP version but “house of prayer” as a foundation for the life and ministries of the local church.) At the beginning Bruce and Lynn share testimonies about the power of prayer and the effects of missing praying on their recent trip to Europe; and at the end the church prays blessing on our new Prayer Leader.

Help for the Persecuted Church

We were blessed to welcome Grace Jo from NK in USA as she shared her heartbreaking yet faith-filled testimony of how her faith in God sustained her through years of persecution.

The Story of Ruth Part 1: I Want More of God

Chapter 1 in Ruth takes us on a wild journey of a family who leaves God’s protection and provision in the promised land, faces hardship abroad, and ultimately returns with hearts longing for God. The picture is one we can apply to our lives as we pursue God throughout our lives.

Stories from the Pit

Each of us will find ourselves in a really difficult period in our lives – what King David sometimes referred to as a ‘pit’. Listen to inspiring stories of people and what specific truths have helped them during their time in the pit.



This past teaching time was called “Stories From the Pit;” The stories that Nina & Carol shared touched many of you deeply; we all are familiar with the “pit” experience. We all have our own stories of what helped us in the pit—helpful things we did, helpful things people did, and helpful things God Himself did.

I looked up the word “crisis” in the dictionary. Crisis is:

  1. A dramatic emotional or circumstantial upheaval in a person’s life, a stage in a sequence of events at which the trend of all future events, especially for better or for worse, is determined; a turning point.
  2. A condition of instability or danger, as in social, economic, political, or international affairs, leading to a decisive change.

Crisis is a turning point, a critical event in a person’s life. Crisis brings instability into a person’s life. It’s a time when we re-evaluate our relationship with God and other people. We try our old ways of handling things—these are things that have worked when we’re stable, but now they no longer work.

There are specific things, though, that have been shown to really help people while they are in crisis and both the ladies who told their stories with being in the pit talked about these:

  1. When you are in crisis, you have come to a fork in the road; your tried and true solutions no longer work and you need to acknowledge that.
  2. Turn to others for help: don’t be a loner. Let others help you.
  3. Learn new ways to live.

Nina’s and Carol’s stories were very different, showing different kinds of crises and a variety of good choices made. Carol relied very much on singing and praising the Lord while Nina found it really difficult to pray, but was very honest to a certain small group of friends, relying on them to support her and pray for her. Both ladies made really good choices that have allowed them to approach their crisis with strength. They haven’t tried to handle their crises alone. Both Nina and Carol have chosen journeys that will bring them greater wholeness.

So if you are in a crisis right now, please do not isolate from God or people. Realize it’s an opportunity for change and up ahead will be new growth and stability.

Speak UP!

We spend a lot of time talking in our lives. How much of that time is spent actually speaking in ways that uplift, encourage, and challenge others?

We Have A Ministry of Reconciliation

Christians not only are given peace when they begin to know Jesus but they are also given a very special & important job of bringing peace to others
we know and meet.


Stories of Being a Peacemaker:

• A dear friend of mine made an irreversible decision that affected, really hurt and offended another dear friend of mine. I had a separate conversation with each of them: I heard their concerns, prayed with them, and affirmed the character and good intentions of both. Then I went to the Lord and asked Him to fix it. Later that day, I was gripped with a grieving so great I couldn’t function; I felt physically ill. I offered the pain to the Lord for about 30 minutes until it subsided. Not long after, I got a call from the offended friend who told me that while they were concentrating on some other things, feelings had changed about the decision and this friend had peace about it even tho’ my friend didn’t know why. My 2 friends reconciled. I believe the Lord allowed me to bear the hurt feelings of the offended party to Him and siphon them off so that my friends could reconcile. (anonymous)


• My Father was greatly abused by his mother. My Father has a sister, my aunt, who is also estranged from because she was the favorite child. My grandmother (My Dad’s Mother) was in a nursing home towards the end of her life. God told me to begin writing to her. After much wrestling with Him, I obeyed, kept it short and very general. I didn’t know her. And because she abused my father, I also was abused by my Father. So I was angry at her. God began showing me my Grandmother’s brokenness. I wrote to my Grandmother for over a year before she passed away. My aunt– who I didn’t know–found my letters in her mother’s room. She contacted me about the funeral. I went to the funeral, but it was a very long drive and a very, very hard day because my aunt believed I wrote to my Grandmother because I wanted part of the inheritance. Present: My aunt and I are still in touch. We write letters almost monthly. There is a bridge in our family not that wasn’t there before. The act of driving for hours, getting lost, being late to the funeral only to sit next to people I had never met and I knew probably didn’t like me, was excruciating.  But, it was so worth it. So worth it!!!  (anonymous)

Following God Through Your Fears

Jonathan talks about how we can continue to follow God while wrestling with our fears.

Leaving A Legacy: The Story of Nehemiah

God has created us for more than just surviving or existing. We have all a chance to change the world around us, one opportunity at a time!

“Share”–Element Three in Developing a Lifestyle of Intentional Evangelism

In this third part of a three-part series, Bruce discusses “share,” the third and final element of a workable way to practice ongoing intentional evangelism in our “relational environment.” He discusses the actual giving of the good news about Jesus public declaration of the facts of the gospel. To “preach” the gospel is not just the public declaration of the facts of the gospel. It can be presenting info. about Jesus clearly and openly to others, which can occur in many kinds of settings other than through traditionally understood “preaching.” Some of these various ways are through doing good deeds, giving witness, inviting someone to a gospel event, and actually leading someone in praying the “sinner’s prayer.” This concludes the series on Prayer, Care, and Share as a three-part low-risk way to engage in evangelism as a normal part of our Christian lives.

Care: Showing Jesus’ Love to Others in Practical Ways

In this teaching, Bruce continues the series on developing a lifestyle of intentional personal evangelism. He discusses the second of the three steps in how to do this: Care. He discusses the biblical meaning of “care”-giving (doing works of compassion) to spiritual “orphans and widows” and how the Holy Spirit works to design a “drawing” process in response to our praying for specific lost people. Included and prominent in that drawing is extending God’s visible “care” through doing “good” in such a way that God’s love and existence is pointed to. Specific ways to do this are shared.

Prayer: for the As-Yet-Unsaved: Step One in God’s Three-Part Way to Witness as a Lifestyle

In this teaching, Bruce presents the first of three “steps” in the three-part “way” of developing an intentional lifestyle of personal evangelism. The three steps are Prayer, Care, and Share. This process starts as each of us seeks from the Spirit specific persons to start praying for for salvation in our “relational environment”–those we relate to on a frequent, even daily basis. Once we receive these, we pray in two ways for them to come into the kingdom of God, using two very specific prayers based on NT passages.

Lessons From the Vineyard Global Family Conference

God is moving in the Vineyard all over the world! Hear some great testimonies of God’s great plan!

Living Naturally Supernatural Lives

Jesus treated the supernatural as part of the natural life. It just was him looking for what the Father was doing and then joining in with him. We are all able to be part of this adventure, but too often we are distracted and miss these opportunities to live naturally supernatural lives!

Why We Don’t Invite: And Why We Should

God’s heart is one of invitation. That is clear from scripture. But how we apply that to our lives as followers of Christ is a point of conflict. How do we respond to his call on our lives to be inviters in an authentic way?

The Invitation

In this teaching, John encourages our church to see all we meet and know (good and not so good!) as potential invitees to Jesus’ big salvation party. He talked about how powerful it is for us to tell our stories to others and to invite them to consider connecting with Jesus–how inviting them to church is a huge first step in bringing them to the Lord. He ends the teaching with a time of asking the Holy Spirit to bring to our minds those He wants us to invite to church or invite to personally connect with Jesus.

The Path of Life: Keeping Rhythm & Balance in God

This teaching/discussion considers natural rhythms and patterns created by God and built into all of his creation, including us too! Discussion focused on the presence of these characteristics, and their implications for walking with God on a regular basis. We considered obstacles to staying in rhythm with God and prayed to overcome them.

Transformation: Falling in Love With the God That Jesus Knows

We are designed by God to be in relationship with God, our Father and to be changed as we become more and more like Jesus. But sometimes we struggle to connect with God. When that happens, what should we do?
Eph. 3.16-19

Like A Thief in the Night: The Second Coming of Jesus

After Jesus rises from the dead and appears to many during 40 days, He ascends back to heaven, with his disciples watching Him. Two angels present at this event tell the disciples that Jesus will come back in the same way they saw Him go: “in the clouds of heaven” moving from the heaven dimension into the earth dimension. This second coming of the Lord is the cataclysmic final chapter in the grand salvation of humanity, when believers both dead and living at that time will receive their “spiritual” bodies, be “raptured” (the living ones) into “the air” to meet the Lord there, then return with Him to earth, where He will re-create our planet and dwell with us there forever. This was always God’s original intention for humankind, lost by Adam but regained by the “second Adam,” Jesus Christ. The teaching today explores the basics of the Second Coming taught through the Bible.

Overflow With Hope: What the Resurrection Means To Us

Jesus invites us to join him on his mission of hope. As he has given us hope through his resurrection we are called to be hope bearers everywhere we go!

Giving in Our Time of Need

with guest speaker Robby Dawkins

Giving It Away Like Jesus Did

As we look towards Easter let’s consider with awe the sacrifice of Jesus and ask him what in our life can we lay down for others.

Paving the Way to the Future

This Sunday we kick off a 2 year giving campaign for some major goals in the future of the church.

The Call of Love in the Face of the Storm

We live in a broken, upside down world and its overwhelming to know how to make a difference. Jesus is calling every single one of us to love – without questions, without caution – to follow his lead, right in the middle of the lives we already lead. Live loves where our only assumption is to ask Him for our part in expressing the real deal love of God.

Jesus the Life

Jesus The Life! In this teaching Bruce examines one of the over 300 names (descriptions) of Jesus in the Bible: The Life. He showed what this means and the nature of the “life” that is in Jesus and that He gives to us. Then he discusses one primary biblical way that the life of Jesus is released to His church: the corporate gatherings of the believers. Citing statistics about falling levels of corporate gathering attendance by American Christians, he ends with a challenge for us to carefully pray about and structure our time, giving priority to doing those things in our lives that enables Jesus to communicate His life to us, and for us to then release His life through us to others.

The Power of Giving Thanks

In this teaching Bruce shows why the spiritual discipline of giving thanks (gratitude) is powerful from both a scriptural and a secular perspective. Explaining how gratitude and praise and closely related concepts, he then shows how praise is a powerful weapon in our spiritual arsenal, capable of changing spiritual atmospheres and setting captives free.


Experiencing A New Normal: The Promise, the Presence, and the Provision of the Lord

The promises of God are always yes – even when we aren’t seeing the evidence of them. The presence of God is always with us – even when we can’t sense it. And the provision of God is always for us – even when we have to wait. Be encouraged, in this teaching, of the constant and relentless pursuit of Jesus after your heart.

Abundantly Blessed to Give Abundantly

In this teaching we focus on one verse – 2 Corinthians 9:8 – and the challenging message of learning to live generously out of the abundance God gives us in ALL areas of our lives (not just finances)!

Mission: Compelled By Love

This teaching is a study on 2 Corinthians 5:13-21 and what it means to be a believer in Jesus. We are compelled by love to follow God’s agenda, not our own.

Invitational Jesus

The heart of God is wide open! Throughout Scripture he is invitational – welcoming all people to the blessings of his salvation. Can our hearts be expanded to become invitational like him?

Let’s Talk About God

In this teaching, Lynn explores three attributes of God: He loves to talk to us, He is our helper, He is our refuge.

The Water is Stirring for You

Using the story of Jesus healing the lame man, Bejoy challenges us to look to Jesus as our healer, strength, and hope.

People are the Priority

Daniel Jergensen, a church planter from Durango, CO, challenges us to love people for who they are, and where they are in their spiritual journey, instead of judging them!

The Cain Challenge

The story of Cain is a striking example of what can happen when sin is left unchecked in your heart. In this teaching Jonathan warns of how easy it is to fall into the sinful patterns of Cain’s life and gives four challenges on how not to be like Cain.

Listening Prayer

In this teaching continuing on prayer, Bruce instructs on the four keys to hearing God’s voice: cultivating stillness of soul and focus on Jesus; recognizing God’s voice as the gentle flow of His thoughts into the mind; recognizing God’s thoughts as visions; and recording what we receive (journaling). The honor of hearing Him communicate to us is for all His people because Jesus said the “My sheep hear my voice.” The problem is normally that with so many inward distractions we don’t know how to “tune” to His “frequency” even though He is trying to commune with us often.

Questions About Prayer Part 2

In this teaching continuing on prayer, Bruce casts vision for increasing the house of prayer model of church at the Barn and then explores the place of faith in answers to prayer.
(The first part of this teaching from the week prior is unfortunately unavailable due to a recording issue, sorry!)

The Power of Prayer Over Time

In this teaching Bruce draws an analogy between prayer and an electrical battery charger. He then teaches the two Luke parables on both intercessors and supplicational prayer, both involving repeated prayer in faith from the heart over time.

Say Yes to God

Each of us has a ‘race marked out for us’ by God. Are we prepared and willing to say yes?

Let the Children Come to Me!

All through the Bible, God uses kids and teens. Let’s explore how we can root them in the word of God and release them into their destiny in the Kingdom of God!


Better to Give Than to Receive

What is God doing in and through the Barn financially? You’ll be surprised how God is working locally, regionally, nationally, and globally. It’s exciting!!

Wimber’s Influence On the Vineyard

Mike Turrigiano shares stories of the early days of the Vineyard with John Wimber, the founder of the Vineyard churches. Listen, and be inspired, by stories of how God grabbed hold of Mike’s life, and never let go. He can do the same for you!

Rediscover Jesus

The death and resurrection of Jesus opened the door for us to enjoy redemption of our sins, reconciliation with God, and re-creation unto a new plan for our lives. He literally changed everything, and set the course of history in a new direction!

Palm Sunday: Jesus’ Coronation!

In this teaching, Bruce examines the Luke account of the Lord’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem a week before His resurrection. He brings out the rich historical details of that event as well as the spiritual symbolism and meaning of aspects of this fulfillment of Zechariah 9:9-10. Then Bruce teaches and exhorts the church as to how to release the great power of praise as a spiritual weapon against the presence and power of evil.

The Call is a Marathon

The call to living in God’s plan for your life is more like a marathon than a sprint. We need to be in this for the long haul. It will help us if we keep the prize in focus, commit ourselves to prayer, and overcome the power of fear!

Living in the “Now” of God’s Story

Jonathan talks about what it means to “return” to your first love and how to sustain a life-long passionate relationship with Jesus.

Freedom To Be Us!

One of VCF’s supported missionaries, Bekah Greenplate, shares her passion for unity in the body of Christ. Freedom in our society is often about “me.” But in the Bible, the challenge is to live “for others!”

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