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Dr. Melodye Hilton - Registration for Saturday Training Sessions

Dr Melodye Hilton will conduct two intensive training sessions (notebook included) on Saturday Nov 16, 2019 – 9:30AM-5 PM. Christians from all churches are welcome! Her two sessions on Saturday, Nov. 16th, will address issues related to prophecy and prophets such as:

“different flows and strengths of the prophetic anointing,”
“hindrances to the prophetic flow,”
“distinctions between the gift of prophecy and the office of prophet,”
“the prophet’s relationship to church authority,”
“marks of a false prophet,”
“marks of a true prophet,”
“recognizing the prophet(ess) call,”
“why mature prophet(ess)s miss it sometimes,”
“protocols for healthy prophecy in the local church,”
“cultivating a local church prophetic atmosphere,” and
“releasing mature prophetic ministry in your church”

Novices in prophetic ministry are welcome to attend, but the focus of this conference is more at the “graduate school” level of prophetic training. It is more for those now in prophetic ministry who desire more intensive training, specifically in terms of identifying and growing in a possible prophet(ess)’s call on your life. Personal prophetic ministry will be available as well.

Offerings will be received to benefit Dr. Melodye’s ministry on Friday evening and Sunday morning. Registration for the two-session Nov. 16th Saturday of intensive training will be $20. Fill out the form below to register.

Online payments can be made through GivingShared (click here to pay online now) or at the door (cash and checks only please).

Childcare available on Saturday if arranged beforehand at The Barn office, or indicate your request on the registration form below.