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Holy Spirit Nights

@ The Barn

What are Holy Spirit Nights?

Holy Spirit Nights @ The Barn are special Friday or Saturday evening gatherings that feature extended, prophetic worship, solid teaching on the kingdom of God and revival topics, and personal ministry in the power of the Holy Spirit. All meetings start at 7 PM unless otherwise indicated. They end whenever people exit the building. The meeting promotes freedom to follow the Spirit wherever He might lead, expressive forms of praise and worship, and plenty of time to rest and be renewed in the Lord. While hosted at The Barn Vineyard, these meetings are attended by Christians from many different churches, all with a common desire to experience “more” of the Lord!

We will host one HSN each month, and for the fall, winter, & spring quarters, we will connect a HSN with a major weekend conference at The Barn. By going to one HSN per month, we make more room on the calendar to schedule potential Spirit-led special events such as extended worship nights or other multi-church events; so we can flex things as revival heats up if  we choose to meet more often and in different ways. We also sense the Lord wants us to take teams “out” into our region to host revival events that spread the fire of God’s power and love from church to church.

Upcoming Dates 2020

Jan. 17 • Mike Hutchings
Feb. 21 • Desiree Fox
Mar. 13-15Ken Fish Conference Cancelled
April 17 Jay Baylor Cancelled
May 15-17 • Putty Putnam Conference
June 19 • to be announced
July 17 • to be announced

(To find events quickly, use the search function on the event page, for example, search “Holy Spirit”)

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