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Old Barn Prayer Center

Introducing the Old Barn Prayer Center

The Barn Vineyard is delighted to start up what we call the Old Barn Prayer Center. This will start the first week of June 2019 and will feature prayer or a combination of worship and prayer in our “old barn” on the church property. You may come and pray individually or in groups anytime, except when other events are pre-scheduled. 

There is a signup available at this link:

If you would like to or are intending to go to pray at any particular time in the Old Barn Prayer Center, you can look at the sign-up genius and see if anybody else will be there. We will be trying this  for those who want to join others in prayer at the Old Barn!

Guidelines for use of the Old Barn building during prayer

  1. If you are coming into the offices of the building when prayer sessions are happening, please use the double doors (not the ramp) and come up the inside stairs into the offices. Please try not to interrupt those who are praying.
  2. When you come into the center to pray, you can pray alone or join a group. Eventually, lists of prayer target possibilities will be in the center. You can pray into these or simply pray as led by the Spirit.
  3. Come when you want and go when you want. There will be no official “leader” of any prayer session. Unless a group is praying along a certain theme, prayer can go in any direction the Spirit moves it to go–so join in and be part of following Him in praying. Or pray alone.
  4. Worship music should not be so loud that people can’t hear others pray. You can worship, then pray in between songs; or pray while there is a background of worship music. You can sit, lie on the floor, or walk around as you pray out loud or silently, in chairs or not in chairs. Be respectful or those praying by not just “hanging out” with others in the room when prayer is going on.
  5. The room is large enough for a group to be praying at the same time as individuals are praying separate from the group.

Guidelines - Worship Music

  1. Unless you have been cleared to use the Old Barn sound system by Joyce Mulrooney, Justin Burton, or a member of the sound team, please only use the boom box or simply play unplugged.
  2. Use the church WiFi and connect to IHOPKC Unlimited or some other worship music streaming mechanism.
  3. Sing on your own!


Please reach out to the church office with any questions.