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Reach out to us about anything by making use of the contact form below. You are also welcome to send an email to We will be in touch!

We have a number of newsletters that are sent out regularly. Subscribe to any of the newsletters listed below by clicking on the pictures or titles. You will be directed to a MailChimp Form.

General Newsletter

The Barn General Newsletter is typically sent out twice a week. It is packed with information about upcoming events at The Barn, general communication, and more.
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Bruce Notes

The Bruce Notes are articles and thoughts by Bruce Latshaw, who is the senior Pastor here at The Barn along with his wife, Lynn. These are great letters of encouragement, teaching, and food for thought!
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Holy Spirit Night

The Holy Spirit Night is sent out regularly with information about upcoming Holy Spirit Nights at The Barn. Read more about Holy Spirit Nights here.
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Other Newsletters

If you would like to subscribe to any of the newsletters below, please reach out to the moderator via email, by clicking on the name.
Youth Group - Aaron Orr
Intercessors - Church Office