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Sunday Mornings

What to Expect on a Sunday Morning

Please review our Guidelines for Gathering In-Person at The Barn.

At The Barn we have two services every Sunday at 10 AM and 1 PM. The first service typically ends at noon. Our goal is for every person who comes to our church to feel connected to God and welcomed by people. We hope your visit with us is a time when you can relate to God and be touched by His power, and we also want you to be able to meet some people who really care for you.

On this page you’ll find some information that might give you a better idea of what to expect when you visit for the first time. 

The second service starts at 1 PM. See below for details:

— Face coverings and physical distancing will not be required at this meeting, but will be available to those who want them.  Several modes of receiving communion and offering will be available.

— Format will be the same as the 10:00 meeting: Worship, communion, teaching, personal ministry.  Flags, dance, and art encouraged.

— Teaching will generally be the same as the 10:00 service, either live or recorded on livestream.

— Children’s ministry will be offered in accordance with the number/ages of children attending.

— Each family attending will sign a one time, privately held waiver releasing the Barn from liability in case of viral infection.

— Sanitizing and ventilation will take place after the meeting to assure the safety of those who use the building at other times.

— 6 week trial period with ongoing evaluation.  This meeting will recombine with the 10:00 meeting as soon as COVID protocols are suspended.

We also live-stream our services on Facebook. Click here to view the Sunday Morning Service live stream.

Before the Meeting

Hang out in the Barn atrium before the meeting and meet new friends at The Barn! We serve delicious coffees, teas, and bagels before the service starts.

Praise and Worship

The first half of the meeting is devoted to praise and worship. During this time we have a band that leads us in singing and lifting our hearts to praise and worship Jesus. We encourage people to worship with all of their hearts, minds, emotions and bodies. This is truly a time to connect with God and experience his love and power in your life.


The teaching time is set aside each week for one of our many gifted teachers to stir our hearts, stimulate our minds and motivate our wills. All of our teaching is founded on the truth of the Bible. Our goal in teaching is not simply to inform us of this truth, but to help us learn how the truth in the Bible can apply in a relevant way to our lives today. Our hope is that people will be encouraged, challenged and even transformed by the teaching each week.


This is a very special and sacred time of the meeting where we encourage people who are Christians to “take Communion.” Communion is a very rich and holy event in which we eat some crackers and drink some grape juice to connect with Jesus in a profound way. During communion we remember that Jesus died for us to save us from sin. We are also receiving in our lives the forgiveness of our sins and healing from the pain and struggle (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) that sin causes in our lives.

The Call Forward

The call forward is a very special time for individuals to come forward and receive individualized prayer for needs in their lives. Often we will give specific needs that we feel God is highlighting that day (for instance, people who need direction in life), but we are always open to anyone coming up for prayer with any need. Feel free to come up even if it is your first time here. We’d love to pray with you. Sometimes there will be a call forward during the service, if not, prayer ministers are available to pray with you after the service.

Kids and Teens

When you arrive – please find the KIDS CHECK IN stations in the atrium, register your kids and print out name labels.

Children join us for the worship part of our service. After the worship and communion, kids and teens are released from the main auditorium, and they gather in small groups.

Each teacher is screened, background checked, and trained to work with children and we strive to make the classroom a healthy and warm environment. When the announcement is made for children to head to children’s ministry, feel free to escort your child/children to the atrium and someone will meet you to help you find the right classroom.

Hang Out After the Meeting

After the meeting is over we encourage you to stick around for a while! We have delicious free popcorn after most services, and also often have meals to raise money for mission trips. Feel welcome to hang out and to get to know some people and even to ask some questions.

Spanish Translation Available

Ahora ofrecemos traducción al español durante nuestra reunión principal del domingo. • We offer Spanish translation in our main Sunday meeting.

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